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What are Flanges?

A pipe flange is a mechanical device used to connect pipes, valves, pumps, and other pieces of equipment to construct a pipeline system. Flanges are usually circular discs but can have many different shapes. Flanges are frequently welded or bolted onto pipe sections and used in conjunction with gaskets to maintain pressure. There are numerous varieties of flanges for a variety of applications. Metal or plastic flanges are available. Flanges can be used to seal pipelines and provide structural support for the pipes to which they are bolted. These may be welded into a line, but they are more commonly run on to facilitate easy replacement if needed.

Types of Flanges

Slip On Flange

Slip on Flange Is primarily a ring fitted over the end of the pipe. The flange face extending sufficiently from the end of the pipe to apply a welded bead to the inner diameter. As the name implies, these flanges slip over a pipes. A slip-on flange is also known as a SO flange. It’s a type of flange that’s slightly larger than the pipe and slips over it, having an interior design. Slip-on flanges can have a raised or flat face. Slip-On Flanges are ideal for low-pressure applications. Slip on flanges are commonly used in fluid pipes. …Read more!