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Get Quality-tested IBC Tank Fittings At Wholesale Rates

IBC stands for intermediate bulk container. An IBC tank is intended to hold a small amount of liquid. IBCs come in a variety of sizes, but a normal IBC tank holds 1,000 litres. Fittings for IBC tanks come in a variety of styles. The most frequent are IBC threads or Buttress threads, which are larger courser threads that come in a variety of sizes, however your IBC tank fittings may also feature a BSP thread or a DIN thread.  

What Fittings do I Need for my IBC?

The IBC tap may be converted to a variety of threads, allowing it to be used with nearly any hose or fitting.

  • Male Camlock
  • Female Camlock
  • BSP Thread Adaptors
  • Hosetails
  • Garden Hose Attachments

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