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Aluminium Camlock Fitting 

Camlock fittings, which are also known as cam and groove couplings, are strong connectors used to connect pipes or hoses. These connectors stand out for being simple to use. Aluminium camlock fittings attach quickly and without the use of tools, in contrast to many high-performance couplings. This benefit results from their distinctive design, which lines up the external locking arms with the internal gasket for simple and quick sealing.

Key Features of Camlock Fittings

  • The coupling fittings are connected by simply opening the coupler arms and inserting the adapter into the coupler. The cam arms are then closed under normal hand pressure to complete the joint.
  • Manufactured to interchange with all product produced to Specs MIL A-A 59326 / MIL C-27487. (Size 1/2 Inch (15mm) fittings are not covered by Mil Spec A-A 59326, this size is to manufactures specification only)
  • Reliable quick connect coupling for use on hose, pipe, tubing and tanks conveying a wide variety of liquids, dry bulk materials, oil, powder, cosmetics, foodstuffs, offshore, pumps, adhesives, dyes, pharmaceuticals, pellets, some hydrocarbon, chemicals and many more. Note: Not to be used for compressed air and steam application.
  • Standard Buna-N seal installed
  • Aluminium alloy material